Art of Making Tempe: Microo Project

3:39 PM

Today I have new experience from microo to making tempe in a mini class workshop. Microo is Miss. Nissa Nahan's food project to receive local harvest agriculture and support for sustainable agriculture. Miss Nisaa and her Mom, Mrs. Amaliah developing farmer in Jogja to use natural product to grow up his plant and don't use chemistry fertilizer. It's also the seed is not-gmo or genetically modified organisms. When I ask to Mrs. Amaliah, she say there are 3 species local soybean can be main ingredient such as wilis, galunggung and black soya bean.
Species of Soybean: (left-right, up-down) Galunggung, Wilis, Black Soybean, and GMO

The first product from microo is tempe, is called the super food from Indonesia.You know? Tempe very familiar in Indonesia since the 17th century. And I very happy to have join making tempe with other participant, because it is the first time for me to making tempe. In this class we use soybean galunggung species from Jogjakarta farm, starter (usar/ragi) or yeast from LIPI (scientific association government) and banana leaf. Oke, you can follow this instruction bellow, how to making tempe:

Me and another participant of class making tempe
  1. Clean the soybean.
  2. Put the beans in fresh water and boil the bean for approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Remove the pericarp or outer skin of the soybean, using rubbing process with your hands. A flow of water will help remove the skin and you can scoop off the skin off he surface of the water. Remove most of the skins, though a few left in the batch will still be fine.
  4. Soak the bean for 36 hours, changing the water once after 18 hours.
  5. Steam the soybeans for about 1 hour and then drain them, allowing them to dry out a bit and come to room temperature.
  6. When the soybean at room temperature, you are ready to inoculate them. Spread them on bamboo tray or bowl to make the inoculate easy. Sprinkle the inoculum (yeast/usar/ragi) powder evenly over the beans and mix the powder evenly through all the beans.
  7. Put a specific measure of beans into a leaf or a plastic bag which has evenly spaced holes over it.
  8. Keep the leaf or plastic bag under a warm cloth or some newspapers to retain the heat. Depending on the weather, the mycelium will begin to form an intricate network and should turn into a solid white block in 36 to 48 hours.
Fresh tempe can cooked be chips, fried tempe, boiled tempe in soup maybe and another recipe. If you don't process or cooking tempe immediately when the inoculate process finish, you can steam the tempe approximately 5 minutes to end proses of mycelium and you can save the tempe in your freezer until 5 day later.

The benefits of tempe for the body is as a source of protein, fatty acids essensial, vitamin B12 and zat besi. Enjoy to make and eat your own tempe !
Tempe when the inoculate process finish (36-48 hours) and the ingredient

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